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Jul 04

Happy Independence Day!  Today we celebrate the freedoms we have here in the US and those that have given so much to ensure it.  I hope you are enjoying the day with good food, your friends and family, and taking some time to relax.

As you may know, today I like to talk about health freedom.  Good health gives us the ability to enjoy our time with others, work and earn a living, pursue our interests and much more.

For me this year it’s about choosing whether to continue searching and trying new things, or whether to stop pursuing solutions.  To continue to seek – or decide that where I am right now is ok.

I’ve been on a seven plus year journey to find solutions that will to stop my body from creating migraines.  I’ve explored craniosacral therapy, supplements, energy work and more.  They’ve helped a lot.  But for this health issue I am still seeking.  The migraines take away too much freedom.  Since I never know when to expect them, I avoid planning travel with my husband and avoid making commitments that can expand my business.  Where I am right now is not ok.

So this year I’ve added chiropractic and detox for infection and metals, and am grateful for the practitioners who help me.

I see this pursuit in my clients as well.  From a husband and wife who are exploring nutrition and the experiences of others to recover from cancer and optimize health, to a dedicated mom seeking independence for her son, who has been trapped in autism, with BioResonance and BodyTalk.  Healing is possible.  We can have more freedom when we have better health.

Wishing you abundant health freedom!

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