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Got Hope ... Or Have You Run Out Of Health Options?
Health And Energy Anatomy ... What They Didn't Teach In School
5 Powerful Steps For Creating Breakthroughs In Your Life
De-Stressing Your "Furry Friends" ... New Perspectives On How To Create Healthier Pets

Current Topics and Content Summary

Got Hope ... Or Have You Run Out Of Health Options?

Are you tired of being told you have no options, that you need to be on medication for the rest of your life and that’s just the way it is? In this presentation participants learn 7 ways to activate their “Inner Wellness Guru” and how anyone can take back their power over their health challenges when they understand bodies are designed to regenerate not degenerate. We will explore the body/mind connection—how our ingenious bodies are designed to heal themselves—the harmful effects of stress—new perspectives on aging—how to determine if your health span matches your life span—how to create an organic lifestyle—why EPIGENETICS is invalidating old theories about illness and disease—and the power of innovative BodyTalk Therapy. Participants will not only leave with empowering wellness tools to boost their health—they will have with greater awareness, alternative options, renewed hope and personal power.

Health And Energy Anatomy ... What They Didn’t Teach In School

This presentation is designed for anyone seeking new perspectives about health. Participants will discover a life-changing health philosophy—explore how physical and mental health problems are created by traumas, fears and beliefs that get stored in the body—learn about the body’s energy systems—the health impact of thoughts and emotions—and how a revolutionary healthcare system called BodyTalk utilizes state-of-the-art energy medicine to optimize the body’s internal communications so it can more effectively respond to injuries and illness. With today’s out of control medical costs, health makes good financial sense. Learn how to create “HealthFreedom” and why without health there is no freedom. Participants will be encouraged to make their body the foundation of their financial portfolio, encouraged to avoid the sickness industry, and empowered to take charge of their health instead of waiting for a diagnosis or health emergency.

5 Powerful Steps For Creating Breakthroughs In Your Life

Feeling stuck or “whelmed” in life? Do you believe you are in an impossible situation with no hope for change? This powerful innovative presentation opens doors for anyone who is ready to get un-stuck and move forward. Participants will learn a life-changing framework to support making choices and changes—explore the power of questions and visualization to unlock dreams—learn a simple 5-step process to keep moving from one breakthrough to the next—and how to uncover what their vibrant healthy life would look and feel like. These invaluable heart-body-mind-spirit healing insights will support people in quickly clearing their success hurdles and making their “next steps” much easier.

De-Stressing Your “Furry Friends” ...

New Perspectives On How To Create Healthier Pets

Most people appreciate the stress-reducing benefits of their furry friends—but this presentation has heart-warming ideas for how humans can reduce stress for their “furry friends.” If participants have not understood how toxic human emotions, stress and behaviors affect beloved furry family members, they will get lots of new awarenesses about the negative impact of people and surroundings—how to “read” fearful behavior, digestive issues or hiding—how human toxic emotions create energy anatomy imbalances—and how furry friends “just know” when their loved-ones come home stressed-out. This presentation is chocked-full of real life stories about how innovative BodyTalk Therapy Sessions reduced pet stress, cleared past traumas, and even eliminated emotional blockages, phobias, fears, allergies and behavior issues. Participants will never be the same after they experience this information—and neither will their “furry friends.”

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Elizabeth A. Weiner, MS, CBP

Shane Melaugh

Inspiring Health Advocate ... a captivating communicator of new health perspectives.

Passionate ... genuinely dedicated to helping people take back control of their health.

A Whole-istic Thinker ... has an innately integrated heart-body-mind-spirit OS.

Elizabeth is available for group presentations, seminars and BodyTalk consultations

Elizabeth presents a variety of informational, educational or inspirational presentations on topics of concern today. All programs are custom tailored to the audience and new material is constantly being developed to meet specific clients requests. Presentations are suitable for businesses, health centers, professional organizations, association meetings, conventions, retreats, churches and schools. The formats are suitable for keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and 1/2 day–full day workshops.

Credentials and Certifications

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner  -  Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT)
 Happy Mouth -  Reiki  -  Access Bars / Access Consciousness

Certified Public Accountant (Inactive)  -  MS in Environmental & Waste Management

"My mission is to empower people to take charge of their health (and their "furry friend's" health too) ... instead of waiting for a diagnosis or health emergency."

​~ Elizabeth A. Weiner

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Full Day $1,250 (Up to 7 hours)
Half Day $675 (Up to 4 hours)
Keynote Presentation $750

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