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90-Day Program 
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Welcome to a focused and highly-effective program that brings a WholeHealthcare™ approach to your most important health or life priority.

Imagine the Possibilities...

Together, over the next 90 days we’ll find and address the root causes behind your biggest concerns. Renew and refresh your life!

Tell Us Your Health Priority: 

Stress Overwhelm

It’s time to begin truly healing from the toll that stress is taking on all areas of your life: health, relationships, family, career and more.


Make forward progress with a natural, holistic approach that combines lifestyle changes and innovative healing methods.

​Injury Recovery

​An old injury (sports, accident, surgery, etc.) has not fully healed and prevents you from living the way you used to, or, you would like to accelerate healing of a recent injury.

New Life Direction

You’re ready to move in a new direction but are stuck or don’t know where to begin, or, you find yourself at a major turning point in life due to divorce, loss of job or other life event.

What's Included in the 90-Day Program: 

  • Wellness Evaluation to identify specific areas of focus, suggested healing techniques and options
  • 5 Powerful Steps to Creating Breakthroughs in Your Life session
  • Customized set of wellness tools for daily living
  • Six private sessions designed to address the root causes of your concerns so that you can experience lasting results

Investment: $895

Private Healing Intensives 

Full-Day Intensive

- 5 Powerful Steps to Creating Breakthroughs in Your Life session
- BodyTalk session
- Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) session
- Customized wellness tools or Intuitive consultation
- Guest Practitioner session (massage, Ayurveda, etc.)
- Healthy lunch

Investment $995

Half-Day Intensive

​​- 5 Powerful Steps to Creating Breakthroughs in Your Life session
- BodyTalk session
- Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) session
- Customized wellness tools

Investment $495

What Our Clients Have to Say

Shane Melaugh

Liz is a wonderful healer who has helped me a great deal. A gentle, intuitive practitioner of BodyTalk, Liz has helped me past a huge hurdle that I wasn’t able to access with cognitive therapy, as 80-90% of our actions are determined by our subconscious, which is a huge component of Body Talk. Highly recommended for those wanting to get “unstuck.”

Aries, Long Beach, CA

Shane Melaugh

I really enjoyed working with Liz because she has high integrity and she is compassionate with her patients. After the bad car accident last July, I was feeling very anxious and shaky. I knew I needed to have a session of bodytalk therapy with her. After learning that my car was totaled and I wasn’t in any shape to drive, she insisted to come to my home to give me the therapy. We had the session a few days after the car accident, and I was able to drive within a couple days. I was very impressed by the outcome and by how fast I saw the outcome. I would definitely recommend Liz to anyone that is interested in body talk therapy.

Lei, Irvine, CA

Ask Me About: 

  • Private Sessions [Initial session / Follow-up sessions / 5 pack / 10 pack]
  • Speaking and Workshops
  • Pet Sessions
  • Corporate Wellness Programs 
  • Group Programs

​Natural Health Practitioner,  Elizabeth Weiner

Elizabeth Weiner helps women and men of all ages find renewed hope and new possibilities, so they can achieve their dreams and enjoy vibrant health. She powerfully combines innovative therapies with curiosity and true compassion.

If you are looking for a proven professional who can team up with you to address challenging problems, you’ve come to the right place. ​Liz is passionate about creating better health naturally and uses BodyTalk, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) and other mind-body techniques to get to the root causes of her clients' most important concerns.

​Renewal Wellness Group
90 Day Program

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