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1st time in 14 months that I was able to sleep without any pills or potions.🤗🤗🙏.
Agi P.,  Toronto, Canada

Weight & Thyroid

I have struggled with thyroid issues my whole life and my weight has fluctuated throughout the years. Frustrated after trying every diet and workout routine and not getting the results I wanted. I decided to take a holistic approach and try Body Talk through Liz, I have dropped 17 stubborn pounds and I am back to my high school weight. I feel great too! My memory is sharper and I feel like a new person. Thanks Liz, you have helped me restore my health and I am forever grateful.
Kristy K., CA

Sleep & Stomach pain

My son was complaining of sleep difficulties and stomach pains. We went to see Liz for those two problems and after just one BodyTalk session his sleep improved and his stomach pains went away!
Mom of 8-year-old boy, CA

Stomach issues & Anxiety

My daughter was having stomach/anxiety issues that were so strong that it was keeping her from functioning normally and doing the things she loved. After a few BodyTalk sessions with Liz, I'm happy to say she's back to her normal, cheery self. Sometimes the fears and anxieties come back but she's able to work on herself with EFT, breathing exercises or positive affirmations and she's able to snap out of it quickly.
Mom of 11-year-old girl, CA

Periods and PMS

I was having insomnia, mood swings and some other annoying PMS symptoms starting 10 days before my period was supposed to begin. It was overwhelming and debilitating. Liz did lots of things for me during my BodyTalk session but one thing I remember clearly was that she did a cellular repair on my ovaries. Now my periods are exactly 29-30 days apart, and my PMS symptoms start 2 days before my period, and not nearly as severe as they were before. My period comes without any pain too. Yay!
EB, 33 years old, CA

Freedom from fear

BodyTalk has given me a freedom of my fear.  It has helped me a lot with that.  There were many days I didn’t think about what’s going to happen [getting chemotherapy].  That’s a huge step!  I would never dwell on it, but it would come into my thoughts more, thinking at night about what I need to do before I’m going to die.  That doesn’t happen anymore.  Those nighttime hours were tough, really tough.
From a 65-year old woman, using BodyTalk to support cancer therapy for a third recurrence, CA


I really enjoyed working with Liz because she has high integrity and she is compassionate with her patients. After the bad car accident last July, I was feeling very anxious and shaky. I knew I needed to have a session of bodytalk therapy with her. After learning that my car was totaled and I wasn’t in any shape to drive, she insisted to come to my home to give me the therapy. We had the session a few days after the car accident, and I was able to drive within a couple days. I was very impressed by the outcome and by how fast I saw the outcome. I would definitely recommend Liz to anyone that is interested in body talk therapy.
– Lei, Irvine, CA

Knee Pain

You mentioned that I would begin to feel a relief within three days. What happened was I actually became to experience some slight relief in my right knee after our session on Wednesday. The following day, Thursday, I notice that my right knee pain was continuing to minimize. My inner-voice told me to limit weight bearing, so I listened. By Friday, the left knee pain was becoming even more minimized, and the right knee, very faint, and less frequent. We went to Costco Saturday which caused some slight discomfort, but I was very conscious to stop and rest it. It wasn’t too bad. I listened to my body that requested rest. I went to bed pretty early, and slept sooooooo good, in fact I have been sleeping very restfully since our session. This morning, there is remarkably less pain, and I am feeling lightness over me, as I sit listening to my meditation music.

The way things are moving, I am expecting even more balance, openness, lightness, relief and release.  There is clearly a remarkable difference in how I was feeling when I completed my questionnaire and how I am feeling this morning.
– Marketing professional

Becoming Unstuck

Liz is a wonderful healer who has helped me a great deal.  A gentle, intuitive practitioner of BodyTalk, Liz has helped me past a huge hurdle that I wasn’t able to access with cognitive therapy, as 80-90% of our actions are determined by our subconscious, which is a huge component of Body Talk.  Highly recommended for those wanting to get “unstuck.”
– Aries, Long Beach, CA

Family Healing

Body Talk with Liz Weiner has been amazing for my family. She came highly recommended from a friend, so I went to see her. I had some physical issues that she not only helped me with, but was able to resolve some emotional blocks that I didn’t realize were affecting my life so dramatically. I brought my husband and 2 children to see her after that. Through Body Talk my whole family has been able to resolve issues they’ve been dealing with for years. Thanks, Liz!
– Nicky, Irvine, CA

Very Effective

Liz is very good at Energy Healing through Body Talk. Liz is gentle and calm and communicates as she works so I could track what was coming up and being cleared as she went. I am still seeing improvements in the areas she worked on, and immediate shifts were experienced in my main area of concern. This is a very effective modality and I highly recommend Liz and Body Talk.
– Maryanne, Huntington Beach, CA

Knee Injury

Liz is a very good person. She is honest and very passionate about what she does. She knows what she is doing. I’ve had a few sessions by Liz. I was very impressed with her bodytalk therapy and the results I got. I have had a body talk session by another therapist before and didn’t notice much difference. But I noticed immediate result from Liz. I had an injury on my knee and it was making it hard for me to do normal physical activities. After one session with Liz, my knee improved greatly and quickly. My knee is functioning normal now. I am very happy I saw Liz when I did. I went on to have other sessions with Liz to work on my chronic back pain. I am noticing improvement in the pain level and how better my back responds to chiropractic treatment. I recommend you go to Liz if you have a physical pain or issue that medical treatment is not giving you the result you want.
– MV, Long Beach, CA

Dog Anxiety

Angie is neurotic she takes 2 anti-anxiety pills a day. Rejected for being too nice for a junk yard dog the transition to home life was rough. After 2 years of training most of her bad behavior stopped, she plays nicely with other dogs and likes sleeping in her cage, but she still was an escape artist. Raising the side fence two feet and replacing the side gate with a seven-foot solid wood gate failed to keep her in our yard. If she wanted out the front door and window sills turned into yummy treats. After a single Body Talk session, she’s no longer chewing her way through the dog door and stopped jumping out the second story window. She’s much calmer, restful, and at peace.
– Jack, Huntington Beach, CA

Fearful dog who lost his good friend



Buddy is a 7-year-old Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix who used to be fun and playful. He was great friends with an older family dog and they were always together. After the other dog became ill and then passed Buddy’s behavior changed. He withdrew and became more serious, cautious and somewhat fearful. It seemed like he was always on edge. He also didn’t like to be in the backyard – especially by himself and when he couldn’t see that the door was open. We did a session to help balance Buddy’s physical body and release some of the stress of losing his good friend. His family reports that after the session he is calmer – not as scared or nervous. He’s also a little better about being in the back yard. He doesn’t love it, but it’s easier for him to be there.
– Irvine, CA

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