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Mind-Body Balancing Session - Initial

Share your health history, concerns and goals. Introduction to mind-body healing. BodyTalk session for your top concerns, feedback and self-care suggestions. (60 minutes, $145)

Mind-Body Balancing Session - Follow-Up

Update on progress since last session. Review top concerns. BodyTalk session for your top concerns, feedback and self-care suggestions. (45 minutes, $95)

15-Minute Complimentary Phone Consultation

Q&A with Liz. Get answers to your questions about mind-body healing and the BodyTalk system. Find out how they can help you. (15 minutes, Free)

New Client - Series of 5 Sessions Package

Jump start your healing journey with five Mind-Body Balancing Sessions. Includes one Initial and four Follow-Up Mind-Body Balancing Sessions. (60 minutes, $450, Save $75!)

Returning Client - Series of 5 Sessions Package

Continue your healing journey and save!
Includes five Mind-Body Balancing Follow-up Sessions. ($450, Save $25!)

Intuitive Scan and Consultation

Share your health history and concerns. A customized intuitive scan for insights on root causes and where to focus health care and self-care. Scans may focus on metabolism, immune function or epigenetics. (30 minutes, $75)

30-Minute Renew Your Health Consult

A personal, one-on-one call to:  
1) Get clarity on your top health priority;
2) Discover hidden blocks to better health; and,
3) Special Bonus: Relax and balance your Nervous or Immune System with a mind-body reset technique. (30 minutes, $45)

Healy Wellness Device Demo Session

Experience a Healy session to help relieve stress and balance your mind and body. Healy is a microcurrent medical device used to support energetic balance, vitality and wellbeing. Read more here.

15-minute Demo Session (1 per client) - Complimentary

AVACEN Device Demo Session

Relax and experience muscle relaxation and improved circulation with the AVACEN device. The AVACEN device is registered with the FDA for pain relief and arthritis pain. Read more here.

15-minute Demo Session (1 per client) - Complimentary

Businesses, Organizations and Other Options

Workplace Wellness Programs
Contact us to find out how we can create a customized and innovative Workplace Wellness Program, or enhance your existing program.

Your location
House calls and hospital visits are available locally. Sessions for your pets can be done at your home and by distance.

Distance sessions
Sessions by phone and Skype are available. Great if it’s more convenient for you to have your session from home or if you are outside the Orange County, CA area.

Group sessions
Balancing sessions work well in a group setting. Available for special groups, offices, retreats, private events and more.

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